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Handling Equipment Sales Ltd has been established for over 20 years and has grown to become one of the UK's largest and most respected independent suppliers of materials handling equipment and components.

Our range covers hundreds of products with almost limitless options to ensure that there should always be a truck to suit your needs.

Our range is the coming together of two well proven and respected brands. Our own RECORD range of materials handling equipment gives premium performance at budget prices whilst our CARREFFE range is known and respected the world over for the highest standards in quality and innovation.

The combination of these 2 ranges "under one roof" allow us to bring to you, a wealth of trucks. From simple hand pallet trucks, through high-lifters and up to a huge range of manual and electric stackers, and fully powered stackers. With the addition of the CARREFFE range, we are now able to offer such innovative products as the 360-degree side tilting/rotating fork stackers as well as the Revolutionary Silent Pallet Truck under 60dBa and the most comprehensiveStainless Steel range of stackers and pallet trucks. Over the years H.E.S. have been supplying a variety of Bespoke products for Special Applications. Health and Safety is the most important aspect of the materials handling industry and at H.E.S. we always ensure products meet regulations and have been subject to rigorous testing.

- Pallet Trucks: Capacities from 300kg to 5000kg with many sizes and options
- Powered Pallet Trucks: Capacities from 1400kg to 5000kg
- High Lift Pallet Trucks: Manual or Electric lift
- Stackers: Wrap-Over fork options, Straddle designs, Capacities up to 2000kg and Lift Heights of up to 4.5 m
- Counterbalanced Stackers: Huge range of capacities and lift heights
- Stainless Steel: We are able to supply above products in High Quality Steel
- "RP Silent" The Unique low sound at under 20dBa means you won't hear it coming..... Lengths up to 2400mm and widths of 520 & 680mm.
- "Record Rotators" 360 side tilting/rotating forks, various attachments for drum & reel handling to spear, crane arm and platform. Lift heights to suit customer's application together with tailor made solutions.
- "Record Stackers" Lifting and transporting of pallets and stillages with high flexibility and efficiency. Large range of optional extras ensures optimum efficiency. Designed with the focus on the safety and ergonomic working conditions of the user. 
- Our Stainless Steel stackers and pallet trucks minimise the risk of bacterial attacks. The trucks are developed for environments in which the hygiene demands are severe. Ideal for food and pharmaceutical industries.
- Manual & Electric Hi-Lifters with lift heights between 500mm and 800mm. Great durability + low operating costs means you can be assured of high performance through its working life. A self-levelling option is available on some models which further reduces the risk of injuries and strain on the user.
- "Tilting Work Positioners" - Manual or Fully Powered. These compact and highly movable work positioners are capable of lifting and tilting 1000kg in stillages, boxes and crates through 90 degrees. Bringing the goods to the operator in a standing or sitting position, helping to avoid back strain. Take a look at what we offer.....
Our other key areas of activity include the supply of top quality ac & dc motors and, as if that were not enough, we are without doubt, the largest supplier of Balkancar forklift truck parts and other OEM forklift Parts.

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