Wheel Types

Nylon wheels are lightweight, non-marking and resistant to impact, abrasion, corrosion and the effect of many chemicals.

Nylon is resistant to oils, fats, most alkalis, soap and detergents but should but not be used in contact with acids.

One of the main benefits of nylon is that it is unaffected by water and its use in the wet enhances its self-lubricating properties.

Being hard, they tend to be noisy when moving quickly over rough surfaces. Care should also be taken when moving heavy loads on surfaces such as vinyl as indentation may occur. 

The effective temperature range for nylon is between -30C and +80C under normal operating conditions.

- Suitable for smooth floors
- Resistant to impact and abrasion
- Lightweight and provides high load capacities
- Non-marking
- Normal operating temperature between -30C and +80C
- Resists oil, greases, brine and most solvents
- Self-lubricating qualities enhanced when used in water

The most versatile of materials, they have high tear strength , excellent abrasion resistance and a life span several times longer than the equivalent in rubber under similar load and conditions.

They also off the advantages of low rolling resistance (meaning less worker fatigue), non-marking, good floor protection and excellent resistance to flat spotting when left for long periods under heavy load.

Under normal operating conditions, the effective temperature ranges for polyurethane is between -30C and +80C

Polyurethane is also resistant to a wide range of oils, greases, brine and most industrial solvents.

- Suitable for most floors
- Good wear resistance and high load capacity
- Non-marking
- Resists flat spotting when stationary
- Normal operating temperature between -30C and +80C
- Resistant to a wide range of oils, greases, brine and most industrial solvents

Users include: Workshops, Garages, Factories, Warehouses, Manufacturers

Rubber wheels combine the features of good load capacities, low noise level and the ability to withstand rough conditions. Their excellent resilient properties mean they eliminate vibrations through the wheel

Under normal operating conditions, the effective temperatures ranges for rubber is between -10C and +60C.

- Moulded from high grade resilient rubber
- Rayon bonded to provide added abrasive and spread resistance
Cast iron centre for strength and durability
Good load capacities
Low noise levels
Suitable for rough surface conditions with good shock absorbency


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